Lodge St. John, No. 1072 S.C.

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The members' login functionality and content is under current discussion, revision and associated development. Information pertinent to the Brethren of Lodge St. John will be available within this portal. The information and content available within this section is intended for the Brethren of Lodge St. John only. Brethren should be reminded to keep his password secure and refrain from sharing any information with those not so entitled to view at this time.

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As stated, this section is currently under discussion and development. Once the proposed content has been agreed upon and development finalized Lodge St. John Brethren will have a valuable portal to navigate securely. Usernames and temporary passwords will be assigned and distributed via the Secretary allowing Brethren access to additional files in relation to user permissions.

Directions to Lodge

Where you will find printable maps and a Google Map interface to plan your next visit to lodge.

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Please use this contact form for all communications with the Lodge St. John Secretariat.

Members Login

Downloadable copies of all floorwork, the Lodge Ritual and a valuable repository of research materials.

The greatest secret of Freemasonry is- there really are no secrets at all.

-Benjamin Franklin


What is Freemasonry? A section dedicated to providing insight into the limitless bounds of the Brotherhood.

About Our Lodge

An historical account of Freemasonry in the Kingdom and consecration of Lodge St. John.

Centennial Celebration

Commemorating the event which marked 100 years of Freemasonry in the Kingdom.

Lodge Album

A few images of our historical past and the view inside the Bangkok Masonic Hall.

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